Logo creates the first impression virtually. A high-resolution logo is required for businesses because it is the most important part to convey the message of their products and services to their customers so it should be of high quality so that the visibility of the logo would be clear. Logos are an identifying point; they are the symbol used by customers to identify the brand.

What is Resolution for Logo?

Logo design Dallas is a TX-based logo designing company and always concern for High-Resolution Custom Logos for small businesses or corporate.

  • The number of pixels on display is the resolution on computers and electronic devices.
  • The number of pixels on the horizontal axis is given by the number on the vertical axis.
  • Resulting in the calculation of pixels per inch.

In Dallas, we are much concerned about the resolution of your logo. 

Pixels and DPIs

Being an well-accepted logo design company in Dallas, we always like to update our clients about the different formats of logos and terms related to the logo.

  • Bitmap formats would be exactly what your logo is saved, and these formats are finite and include JPEG, PNG, GIF and PSD.
  • Pixels are individual squares that make up a picture when they are stacked on top of each other in rows.
  • That’s why you only see blurred squares when you zoom in.
  • DPI stands for a dot per inch.
  • The higher the DPI, the more information there is in the shot, which means that you can see more detail and the picture looks clearer.
  • Although dots per inch are typically used when discussing print production, pixels per inch are used for displays and digital images.
  • They can also be interchangeable.
  • They’re always mixed up when you talk about a resolution, and you can understand why they’re so close.
  • However, what you will be led to believe is that the higher the DPI or Pixels per Inch, the higher the quality of the image, and it would not be a problem.