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Unlimited Revisions

Let’s Make Business Stand-out With Our Custom Designed Logos in Dallas.

Custom logo within hours by multiple professional graphic designers in Dallas with unlimited revisions. Single Logo for Business Card, Website, Flyer, Sign, Brochure, T-Shirt by the Dallas logo design team maintaining high-resolution with free edit options.

Every finalized high-resolution logo comes in JPG, PNG -Transparent, VECTOR -AI, EPS, PSD formats. Logo for brand & identity in Dallas at affordable charge.


Custom logo for business cards.


Custom Logo for T-shirts.


Custom Logo for Brochure, Flyer, Post Card.


Custom logo for any printing materials.


Custom logo design with a free edit option.


No Upfront Charge, You Pay After revisions and once the logo is approved.

Simple Steps in Custom Logo Design with your dedicated designers in Dallas today.

We are ready to start your Custom logo design project within the next couple of hours. Just share your business name, logo vision- whatever coming to your mind, or how you dream your logo. Designers will work until your logo is ready to represent your brand. The affordable charge for the whole process, whatever hours we have given for designing your logo. 

Logo Design Dallas & It’s Features.

Multiple Designers' Logo

Number of Logo Concepts

Unlimited Revisions

LOGO File Formats

Reliable Logo Pricing

Transforming your vision into Digital reality in form of Custom Logo Design with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. A logo is the silent ambassador of your brand. We have well- experienced graphic designers in the team to establish your brand and identity by brilliant logos in  Dallas. Book us today for your custom logo, obtain multiple unique designs, select your one, and avail of unlimited revisions at a Flat Price. Assign our designers as your own, get custom designed logo in a day without looking for a template-based logo, with full ownership on it. No deposit basis logo design service. Flat price with Cash App, Zelle, Paypal payment options.

Custom Logo in Different Formats for Branding in Dallas.

Business owners need a logo for multiple uses.  our Dallas logo designers are well aware of the business community requirements. Even if the logo ordered with images including Cowboys, Star, Texas or Mavericks, etc. or Dallas skyline,  then also our designers sketch to final design then Adobe Illustrator for vectorizing the same for high-resolution logos.


Flat Price- Unlimited revisions for Logos.

Custom Logo in AI, PSD format for Business Card:

The business card gets a unique look with a well-designed logo in Dallas. Our Custom Logo design team can help to create your brand.

Custom Logo Design in PNG, PDF or AI for Flyer, Banner & Sign:

Every business need flyer, banner & sign for marketing purpose which requires Custom logo design service to establish proper brand and identity. 


Custom Designed Logo in PNG format for Website:

A website requires Custom logo design to have a high-resolution logo PNG or JPG logos with the colour match for the whole website. 


PSD and DST format for T-Shirt Logo Printing & Embroidery.

Custom logo designed by our team always aimed for multipurpose use and quite perfect to place at t-shirts once designed for any events or regular usages.


Sample Works By Logo Our Designers in Dallas.

“Phenomenal customer service! Very creative designers that take your idea and turn it into reality. 5+ stars!!” – Alan Solorzano.

“What do Our Customers Say About Our Business Logo Design  at Google?”

# Creative # Excellent customer Service
# Affordable  # Awesome
# Time Manner # Attentive # Quality Product

My first and last stop as far as looking for a designer. Everybody I called made it difficult as far as what I wanted but, Logo In Hours made it fast and simple. I will only be contacting them for future needs just so I’m sure about my quality and getting it done asap. I recommend Logo In Hours if you’re serious about expanding your business in a very professional manner. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👍

– Tcguerilla GUERILLA CAMP

If you are looking for great quality work on logos, you definitely will be satisfied. I called and told them exactly what I wanted plus I sent a sketch of my vision, within a few hours my logo was finished. It was perfect. Another great things is that they communicate with you through the entire process to make sure they give you the best designs possible. Now I have a professional look for my business. I’ll be ready for my website soon and I’m definitely coming back to you guys. Thanks again for the great customer service.

Dyoung Y

My first and last stop as far as looking for a designer. Everybody I called made it difficult as far as what I wanted but, Logo In Hours made it fast and simple. I will only be contacting them for future needs just so I’m sure about my quality and getting it done asap. I recommend Logo In Hours if you’re serious about expanding your business in a very professional manner. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👍 tcguerilla GUERILLA CAMP

If many of you are like me and skeptical about trusting a company with your vision your “baby” your brand…then look no further. I was wowed by the first initial call and fast response to my consultation need. I am not a creative artsy person but I knew what I wanted but was hard to place in words. I could not stop smiling and looking at the logo created for me. It was everything I wanted and visioned.

They kept working and working on even the smallest details until I was completely satisfied. The word No was not in their vocabulary. I would highly recommend Logos in Hours because of their professionalism and optimal customer service. My logo was designed in under an hour for initial view then about another two hours as I could not make my mind up and added small details. Simply Superb.

Tamika Bass, Dallas.

……has really amazed me with his work and the time it took for him to get it done. When I tell you, he created my business cards with the Logo I had envisioned (being that I only wanted something no one else had) and they are simply beautiful, simple but beautiful☺️. If you arn’t happy with something, he’s willing to go out of his way to make sure you are.

The timing was perfect. It took him from 9:48am – 1:17pm to created my logo, when I say that is beyond amazing and timely (especially when everyone else o spoke with told me their turn around time was 3-4 days, wow) it was literally less than 4 hours and it took him less than 24hrs to turn around and create the business cards for me to have printed….. Make sure you try him out, you will not regret it and when I say I am very picky and demanding and he satisfied me, you won’t be let down. Thank you so much😊

Kim Stykes, Dallas.

I am so pleased! I would totally recommend logo-in-hours. The communication was great and they listened with patience and response quickly. I love my logo for my business that I am going to start soon, I will definitely come back for more work for my business.

S. Hasan, Dallas


Zee was absolutely great! He provided several different logo options and was very patient with my needs (as I am very picky). He was quick with response time! My logo turned out very well! It looks great! Thank you!

Jasmine Pettigrew, Dallas


Great experience, gave a munch of options. Very persistent and willing to work hard for you.

Randy Staggs, Dallas.

VERY PROFESSIONAL. He was very easy to work with. He understood exactly what I needed. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Grecia Aguirre

Custom Logo in Dallas and its Importance in Branding.

Consider yourself a business owner, you would surely wonder if it’s a wise decision to invest in custom logos design for your business. Undoubtedly, the answer to your query is yes. The backbone of the branding of your company is your logo concept. Your logo’s design must be able to let the people instantly identify your company just by looking at it. Moreover, the design of your logos symbolizes the nature of your business as well. All in all, the logo is always the first view of your company,  where you are carrying out business in Dallas or at Plano, Arlington, or Garland, TX.

Small business Logos by logo design Dallas team within hours. Get stand-out custom Dallas Logos by expert & professional graphic designers.

Customers will see your logo first, and you can not afford to compromise on its quality. You might be operating a small business in Dallas or have an existing business in operation which may require a redesign of your corporate logo, our professional logo designer in Dallas can assist you with immediate support. Our designers are always a concern for product branding and no logo is delivered without proper research and analysis.

Benefits of a professional logo designer in Dallas for Custom  Logo design.

Custom logos are needed for a business to show the identity of a company or a brand to the customers. Businesses use graphic designs for almost everything they do. Graphic designers create a brand picture or logo that conveys a clear and cohesive look so that your customers can connect with you. Market identity products keep your business name and brand value at the forefront of the minds of your consumers. For this, the company needs a professional logos designer for their business logos. And Everyone looks for customized design when it is a matter of branding.

  • A unique logo gives a very good impression to the customers
  • A unique logo gives a brand identity to your business and makes it easier to build your brand
  • Your creative logo will help you to represent a professional image
  • You will get a return on your investment from your business

Reasons to hire a professional logo designer in Dallas.

Logo based on your ideas, vision, mission, and story behind.

If you have just started your business or even are in the planning phase, your priority must be to create a creative and attractive logo for your company or business. If you are a talented artist, you should design it yourself. However, if you don’t have any background in Dallas logo design, then it’s a good idea to hire a professional logo designer for your company to develop unique logos and other graphic designs in Dallas.

Our custom logo design team is always ready to respond with custom design whenever you need it, even if it is any special requirements for urgent design or redesign.

Custom design for High-Resolution Logo in Dallas.

What is Resolution?

  • The number of pixels on display is the resolution on computers and electronic devices.
  • The number of pixels on the horizontal axis is given by the number on the vertical axis.
  • Resulting in the calculation of pixels per inch.

In Dallas, we are much concerned about the resolution of your logo. 

Pixels and DPIs

  • Bitmap formats would be exactly what your logo is saved, and these formats are finite and include JPEG, PNG, GIF and PSD.
  • Pixels are individual squares that make up a picture when they are stacked on top of each other in rows.
  • That’s why you only see blurred squares when you zoom in.
  • DPI stands for a dot per inch.
  • The higher the DPI, the more information there is in the shot, which means that you can see more detail and the picture looks clearer.
  • Although dots per inch are typically used when discussing print production, pixels per inch are used for displays and digital images.
  • They can also be interchangeable.
  • They’re always mixed up when you talk about a resolution, and you can understand why they’re so close.
  • However, what you will be led to believe is that the higher the DPI or Pixels per Inch, the higher the quality of the image, and it would not be a problem.


Custom logos are designed by professional graphic designers. Our designers always design logos from scratch rather than using any template. Our utmost desire is to deliver professional small business or corporate logos that help your business to move forward with the appropriate brand identity. We also do the competitor analysis while planning to start designing the Dallas logos.

We sketch logo concepts based on the logo visions, nature of the business, and competitor analysis. Once the concepts are ready for custom design,  the options are forwarded to clients within the day to have approval. Indeed it takes time to finalize a logo however the concepts at least give some idea to the client so that they can place their revisions request.

We are ready to entertain all the revisions until the LOGO comes perfect for the business.  We need clients patients and we have enough for that. We made the process very simple for business owners in Dallas or surrounding areas like Plano, Arlington.

So, what are you waiting for?

We value branding in your company. Best logo design involves very good collaboration between our designers and our customers. And we highlight on this during the whole custom logo design process.

Logo creates the first impression virtually. High resolution logo is required for businesses because it is the most important part to convey the message of their products and services to their customers so it should be in high quality so that the visibility of the logo would be clear. Logos are an identifying point; they are the symbol used by customers to identify the brand.

Since a good logo is a visual, aesthetically appealing element, it triggers a positive reminder about your brand that the name of your business might not be on its own.

A personalized visual identity that will make your brand stand out from the competition in Dallas.

Vision-Based Concept Development for Custom Logo

The logo of your company in Dallas must be beautiful and exclusive. It’s nothing but your company elaborated with the help of design. The customers really need to recognize your principles and purposes immediately from the very first time they take a look at your logo.

You may want to know what it takes to design a logo efficiently in order to be able to differentiate between good and bad logo design. However, you’ll surely be encouraged by this insight into the process, even if you have chosen to design your own logo or employ someone else to perform this task.

The complete process of logo design involves the following steps.

  • Consultation and Strategy Session

Almost all the designers believe that one of the most crucial steps in the process is to gather all the input data from the customer that is required for the design. You just need to interact with your clients in order to understand their business and intent before the start of design work.  That’s what our Dallas designers apply. Many businesses recognize their differentiators, but the emotional motivators that motivate their clients are lacking.

  • Research about the Design

Knowing your clients and how to create the logo for them is critical. For this purpose, you need to spend a few moments researching the audience and their priorities for the design. Furthermore, it is important to consider what is going on in the particular industry of the client. You may want to do the same or something different, but before doing so, you really need to know what the template is.

  • Sketching

Since the graphic designers spend a lot of time on their digital devices such as computers and laptops, they really feel like this stage is important. Sketching on paper gives you a bit more freedom that is really important for innovation. Get all these sketches out, even though you know they’re unusable. A “stupid idea” several times, can be the preliminary step to something fantastic. You can draw very easily and loosely. You’ll fire 100 loose ideas instead of winding up with 10 polished sketches.

  • Digital Refinement

When you feel like all potential ideas have been exhausted, just go back out there to the roughly drawn sketches and choose a few of them to bring into your device. The method of doing this further develops the designs in Dallas. The designed logo never looks exactly like the sketch at the end. In addition, add a few colors during this step as well as after first satisfying yourself with a black and white version.

  • Creative Presentation

The final logos are often preferred to be viewed in person. This offers you the chance to illustrate your revolutionary thinking and helps the consumer to give honest feedback with our custom logo concepts. After that, let the customer take with him/her all the designs to study on their own and welcome any suggestion they may have.


  • Logo Tweaks

Based on the client’s response, the chosen logo may need some final modifications. If you plan to change any kind of typeface, make sure that the target audience is still drawn to it and aligned with the look you were looking for.

That’s It!

One of the most satisfying feelings as a graphic designer is to see a logo come to life.

Custom Designed logo in Dallas is the visual cornerstone of your brand’s identity in the Competitive

To create your brand’s identity for your business.

Brand identity has two attributes. The first is the internal structure of the business, the internal framework for the creation of wealth. The second is for the exterior appearance of the brand. The marketing of a company is often based on building a picture of an external brand. The logo is the main element of the entire process, and it also helps shape the vision of the organization into a form that can be shown to both the client and the customer.

For competitor analysis in Dallas when designing the custom logo.

There would be your competitors in the market and you have to apart yourself from them. It would be easy to attract your customers if you have no competitors at all. A logo that is professionally designed would be more eye-catching and will be able to draw a wider customer as compared to a doodle designed by an amateur.

For the awareness of your products and services.

It’s incredibly important to raise awareness for your brand when you’re trying to build a brand image. A logo shows the products and services of your business which you are offering.  That’s why you should hire a professional designer to create a unique logo in Dallas for you.


To communicate in a better way for your brand and services.

A logo can help in communicating meaningful messages to your customers. A professionally designed logo will make wonders about your company and helps you show your product or service in a much better way. No matter what you’re looking for with your marketing campaign, your logo will help in the better sales and profits.


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